Sunday, August 11, 2013

Marijuana is Legal - So I Should be Allowed to Use it!

Your teenager is trying to use a public policy argument  about marijuana to deflect attention from the harm it is causing him, or likely will cause him. He may try  to convince you that since marijuana is legal for medical and even recreational use in some states, he should be able to use the drug. A recent CNN article  and show (Sanjay Gupta Article)made the case that a knee-jerk rejection of marijuana for medical use is irresponsible and thoughtless. This is probably true, as is the contention that marijuana is less addictive than cocaine, alcohol and nicotine. The idiocy of  Federal Drug Scheduling, which makes marijuana as dangerous as heroin, is self evident. But by the time your teenager comes to clinical attention for marijuana use, it is most likely affecting his schoolwork or relationships or motivation. And no responsible person says that adolescents should be allowed to use marijuana, because their brains are highly susceptible to the particular damage caused by Cannabis. No, you're not on a "Reefer Madness" kick. You are simply trying to help your teenager avoid a harmful substance.